It is essential to maintain your vehicle by having it regularly serviced. This ensures it's smooth and consistent running and avoids any problems that may occur as it gets older. All cars are supplied with their own handbook. Here the mileage and other information can be recorded. With newer vehicles this proves very helpful if parts become defective whilst the car is still under warranty. 

When you bring your car to us for a service, we carry out the following proceedures and where shown, replace various components.


Oil Change

New Oil Filter

New Air Filter

New Pollen Filter

New Spark Plugs

New Fuel Filter

Fluid levels checked & topped up

Anti Freeze checked & topped up

Brake Check

Lights Check

Steering Check

Exhaust Check


Oil Change

New Oil Filter

Fluid levels checked and topped up

​Lights Check


It is essential to replace your cambelt in line with your vehicle manufactures specifications.This particular component if not checked, can fail suddenly, without warning. As a result, this can lead to irreversible damage. We are happy to check your vehicle, subject to manufactures guidelines. If a new cambelt is required, we would be pleased to quote you for a replacement.


We also offer a brake fluid replacement service. We recommend that your brake fluid is replaced every 1-2 years. Brake fluid can be  contaminated over time, which causes rust and corrosion build up in the braking system. Please ask us for further detail by clicking on the button.